Max, Ollie, and the Great American Pastime

After growing up around the game of baseball, Stephanie Montgomery has been on the professional baseball journey with her husband, Mike, since 2015. After having their son, Max, in 2019, she was inspired to create Max & Ollie’s Guide to Baseball in hopes she could excite him - and kids around the world - about the game. And we can't forget about the second half of the equation...their lovable pup, Ollie!

After becoming parents, Stephanie and Mike also knew they wanted to increase their charitable contributions to organizations supporting local families. Via their family fund, Monty’s Marvels, a portion of the proceeds from each book sold will be given to an organization supporting mothers and children.


  • Just welcomed our first GREAT grandson. His daddy and Papa both played baseball in high school and this book is a must have. Can’t wait to introduce our little guy to baseball. Thanks for your cute book

    Marilyn Rule
  • I love that you created this. Fantastic work and I am so proud of you both.

    Jonathan Long
  • I have three boys, all of which love sports. Max and Ollie’s guide to baseball is a great addition to our bookself! A boy teaching his dog the rules of baseball – What could be cuter? The fun rhymes and playful illustrations are a fun way to learn about baseball with your young one.

    Lori Mackson

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